First Medical Marijuana State of the South?

Posted on 29 August 2012 by That Heathen Girl

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First Medical Marijuana State of the South?

   Living in Arkansas, we’ve all been subjected to southern society and their demands. It is impossible to avoid religion and conservatism. Statistically speaking, there are more ‘immoral’ people living in the bible belt than anywhere else. Some Christians can spend more time converting than helping people down here.
For a long time, the state of Arkansas has been the strictest as far as pot laws are concerned. However, this month the Arkansas’ Secretary of State office confirmed that the issue will be on the ballot this November.

I like so many others could really benefit from Medical Marijuana, instead of polluting our bodies with narcotic medications to kill the pain. At least marijuana isn’t addictive and doesn’t cause horrible withdrawals. For those of you that aren’t familiar with some of the things it can do, it can:
-relieve chronic and neuropathic pain
-increase appetite
-decrease nausea
-relax muscles

For someone that suffers with chronic pain, it could do so much for them. However, down here in the south it could prove to be difficult to convince conservatives of it’s benefits. Marijuana is already all over the south, being sold to people, which is in fact illegal. However, even if a Medical Marijuana Dispensary opened up in Arkansas, that wouldn’t mean that everyone would be smoking pot. It would just mean that the people that really need help could go to the doctor and get a prescription for it. It would be just any other prescription you could get, and people do sell them on the streets too but you don’t see them getting all bent out of shape about that.
The Family Council Committee, a group whose purpose is to instill traditional family values through politics, said they would be fighting the proposal. Jerry Cox, the President of the committee, issued a statement saying:

“Substance abuse creates very real problems for families,” Cox said. “If a husband or wife is addicted to something, it’s going to put a strain on that marriage. It’s going to put a strain on their kids. If you think we have problems with marijuana now, just wait until it becomes legally available.”

Wait, how can they be addicted to something that isn’t addictive?
He also went as far as to bring smoking into the statement:

“It’s the only medicine you smoke. The health community has spent almost fifty years trying to stop smoking. Now a group of people wants Arkansas doctors to start encouraging just that: Smoking for your health. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Now, just to clarify, Cigarette smoke is way more harmful than the smoke from marijuana. I do agree that the smoke itself can be harmful, but scientist have found that it is not the plant itself that is harmful. Depository’s always have plenty of other marijuana products for patients. All pain medications have side effects and harmful long term effects such as liver damage. Besides, there are always pot brownies.
My point is, I’ve been trying to inform as many people as possible so that when November gets here, people will vote for the legalization of medical marijuana. It would mean that the people of Arkansas could get the help they need. I know I will be voting for it when November 6th gets here.

– That Heathen Girl



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  1. Wesa Stone Says:

    Also he neglects that if patients prefer the inhaled from of the medication they are told to use vaporizers, instead of the other preferred methods of oral consumption.

  2. Milinda Houlette Says:

    Marijuana is available in pill form in Arkansas. For medical purposes, which have to be verified thru several steps. It is usually only provided to chemotherapy patients to combat the nausea and pain associated with the therapy.

  3. Janice Headley Says:

    I feel they need all the help they can get.

  4. Wesa Stone Says:

    @ Milinda, that is exactly one of the preferred oral methods I was referring to other than food consumables that the medication is put in.

  5. Wesa Stone Says:

    This medication, (that a Dr. here in Arkansas told him to use) helped my uncle Johnny before he passed away from cancer.

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