The Hunger Games Series: Review

Posted on 25 August 2012 by That Heathen Girl

The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins Review
(Warning! Major Spoilers)

Let me start off by saying how much I was looking forward to reading the series after I found out the movie was coming out. The idea of something so messed up like that peaked my interest, as I’m always looking for interesting reads. Basically the story is about Katniss Everdeen and her family and friends of District 12; the area that specializes in coal mining for the Capitol, which is a huge city that houses President Snow. Every year the Capitol hosts the Hunger Games, which was created in order to remind the citizens of the 12 districts who was boss. Back in the day a rebellion within the districts had broke out and in order to keep his people from turning on him, he instituted the Hunger Games and wiped District 13 off the map.

At the reaping, Katniss’s worst fears are realized when her sister, Prim, is selected and she volunteers to replace her. Now, I won’t go into a huge spill on details since I’m assuming you read the books. She and Peeta are taken from their homes and forces to compete in a battle to the death between two other kids from each other district, a boy and a girl.

I have to say that the first two books were phenomenal. The detail of the food alone in the Hunger Games made it seem so real, and quite often I found myself hungry or cold or thirsty just from the description of Katniss’s senses. In Catching Fire, I was quite shocked to see that Katniss and Peeta were once again to take part in the Hunger Games, a ploy in which President Snow stated that the reaping would be using only winners of the Hunger Games as participants. The Quarter Quell was more interesting as far as the characters in the games, who were much older and wiser than the children they once were. The arena was even more fascinating; a large dome that resembled a clock, so that at certain times of the day specific areas would bring on deadly occurrences to kill the tributes. One section of the clock included jabberjays, birds that could mimic voices to trick them and drive them to madness.

Now, like I said, the first two books were pretty good. However, in Mockingjay, it seemed that Suzanne Collins just gave up. After they retreat to District 13, a place they once thought didn’t exist anymore, they settled into a very routine lifestyle, where they planned to fight the Capitol and use Katniss as a propaganda piece for their rebellion. You would think after the endless torment Katniss had to suffer along they way she get a bit of a break, but no. She ends up in the hospital two or three more times. Her friends die one by one, one of which was a guy who had just gotten married to his long time sweetheart. She was also a former tribute winner and was kidnapped by President Snow and had just reunited with him. Peeta ends up being batshit insane, having been tortured using tracker jacket venom to rewrite his memories so he’d kill Katniss. The worst part is, that after she manages to sneak into the Capitol and disguise herself to get closer to the mansion that houses Snow, she sees her sister, who was supposed to have been in District 13, get blown to bits along with a whole group of children. Best part is, and I hope you can sense the sarcasm there, she ends up being with Peeta after all the crap he did to her! I get that he was “tricked” but she even says he still has freak outs at the end of the book, but she just deals with it.

I can understand what she was trying to accomplish (Collins). I’ve written stories where the main character gets shit on constantly, not really catching a break until the very end. However, in this instance, I don’t feel like Katniss ever really caught a break. She didn’t even get to kill Snow like she wanted, she had to watch him die of whatever disease he already had. I just think she went too far with the sister dying. That was the whole point of her volunteering at the reaping. She could have saved herself so much misery. I really think that if Prim had been taking into the area she would have died, and Peeta would have won. Sure the whole mockingjay symbol wouldn’t have happened, but I think she still would have fought for the rebellion and I think they still could have won.

As for Peeta vs. Gale, I think she probably picked him just because he’s the only one that really understands her insanity.

All in all I’ll give this series a 3 out of 5 stars. If the last book hadn’t been such a let down I’d give it a better rating.

-That Heathen Girl



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