Clint Eastwood, make my furniture

Posted on 01 September 2012 by The Secular Nerd

Clint Eastwood at the RNC

Besides the fact that it was one of the most painful speeches I have ever volunteered to listen to, it made amazing meme’s flooding my Facebook newsfeed.  What started off as a “celebrity endorsement” feeling, quickly escalated into a spiraling out of control babbling futile attempt at comedy, poking fun of an invisible Obama sitting next to him in a empty chair.

Yes, the picture is a parody image, but you can view the entire speech above. It all went downhill from there on out. The man is in his 80’s, and I would never make fun of him I always respect my elders like my mother has taught me, and I still respect his film making career… but this was just insane. He poked fun at Obama’s election, and put much emphasis on Oprah “crying”, to get a laugh out of the audience. He then went on to tell that he had not cried so much as he did realizing there were “23 million” unemployed people in this country.

I can’t stress this enough, how Republicans place blame on Obama for Bush Jr’s presidency farce. Every sane democrat… hell, every sane, rational person in the world knows that Obama is cleaning up after Bush’s presidency. I’d like to also note, that “W” never came to the RNC, to show support for Mitt. That has to say something right there.

There’s a few questions I’m asking my invisible Clint Eastwood as we speak, but he seems to not be able to answer:

  • Where were you going with half your questions you just stumbled with your words?
  • Where were you going with the Oprah part?
  • Did you know Mitt Romney went to Law School at Harvard when you said that the White House doesn’t need Attorneys?
  • Do you realize that a president has to weigh the pro’s and con’s of every decision he makes?
  • What were you meaning about Obama going to colleges talking to the students about the ever looming darkness of student loans?
  • Did you mean that the Republicans get paid off, since they are “our employees”?
  • Did you even have a speech or notes prepared going on stage?

All in all, I am deeply disappointed in you Clint Eastwood. I thought that was the most painful speech I have ever listened to, and all I could think about to myself while watching this, is “man, conservatives are eating every little bit up. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.” Thanks for the laughs at you, not with you. (Yes, it’s brutal, but I’m just saying it like it is)

– The Secular Nerd




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