Pre Reason In The Rock VIP Get Together

Jerry DeWitt, Teresa MacBain, Myself, and Seth Andrews

In the first twenty minutes of being at the Pre Reason In The Rock VIP Get Together, Jerry DeWitt and Teresa MacBain violated the “Thou shall not covet thy neighbors burger” commandment. Teresa and Jerry were lusting for it! By the way, it was an amazing burger.

This was the first time I had met Teresa MacBain and Seth Andrews in person, but have had correspondence with them through e-mail/Facebook for Reason In The Rock planning. Over on the other side of the room, JT Eberhard was doing magic tricks, and singing (He has an amazing singing voice) in Spanish. The room was completely electrifying with this many awesome people in the room at once.

“That Heathen Girl” and Susan, president of Arkansas Society of Freethinkers

That Heathen Girl and I had a great time talking to all of them, and just sitting back and watching how happy godless people are, sitting around, just having fun. Reason In The Rock article soon to come!

All I have to say, is if you aren’t at Reason In The Rock, you are seriously missing out.

-The Secular Nerd and That Heathen Girl