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23 Things No One Cares About But You

Posted on 04 November 2012 by The Secular Nerd

I recently stumbled across this site, which is called Thought Catalog. It has brought up some very interesting observations, that I would love to see more research into. A lot of people have issues with self-esteem, and perhaps the exploration of this might help the process of gaining confidence. I list the 23 things no one cares about but you, and with them my own opinion/thought behind them.

1. Thinking that the people watching you cross the street from inside their cars are judging your face, clothing or the way you walk
(I never felt this… I suppose I was more worried about getting ran over)

2. Worrying what people think of your Facebook cover photo 
(I did sometimes… I’m rather picky about what I have as my photo)

3. Thinking you’re causing sidewalk congestion by moving to the side to check your phone even though you’re not sure what else to do
(I suppose perhaps in the super market, but never on a sidewalk)

4. Shame that you messed up the dinner you made for yourself last night, meaning you’re not ready to be an adult
(I’ve never felt this way. I just chauked it up to poor culinary experience)

5. Worrying people are wondering what’s up when you change seats on the subway, or think you’re a snob or a jerk or judging them
(I don’t have much in the way of exposure to subways, so never felt this way)

6. Thinking people are still not sure about you after a stupid joke you made a zillion years ago
(I used to worry about certain things or phrases I said, that could of made me look like a weirdo, or worse. Now I just act myself, and if people don’t like it, they can remove themselves from my equation)

7. Accidentally making eye contact with a stranger more than once, meaning you’re a creep
(I’ve actually had someone tell a waitress that I was creeping them out because I made eye contact more than once. Sorry miss! You were setting practically across from me, and I like to stare into space and think!)

8. That the shirt you’re wearing doesn’t fit exactly right, but still looks okay
(I’m kind of a big guy, so up until recently I’ve battled with this. Now I just judge myself in photo’s. Gotta look good for the camera!)

9. What’s in your Netflix queue and what it says about you. You’re a big, burly man and you like “Period pieces featuring strong women from the 1980s,” so what?
(I’m proud to have My Little Pony in my queue. I’m confident in that department. Bronie for life!)

10. How many times you coughed lightly during a conversation
(When I’m tired, I get congested, so I am a little self conscience about others with that)

11. That there are small chips in your manicure so you’re not classy
(If/when I wear nail polish, or have a manicure done, that’s already something other than classy. Who cares what people think about my blue toenails!)

12. The loud sound it made when your pencil snapped in the public or college library that one time, disturbing everyone’s work
(Farts… all I have to say are farts…)

13. If you stared too long at someone’s dog as they walked by. Do they think you’re going to like, steal their dog now?
(That’s a pretty pooch you got there! That’s it, that’s all I’ve ever thought, unless I was looking off into space)

14. That you wore the same dress twice around the same people, and they might think you never change clothes
(Though my ensemble of dresses are zero, I feel that way about my geeky t-shirts. I want them to know I have a wide variety of expressions from Doctor Who to Mario)

15. If you haven’t seen the latest Breaking Bad episode or ever watched Mad Men and you think people will find you out of touch or boring
(Been meaning to catch up to it… I feel more like this about Walking Dead… it’s why I watch it)

16. That you, coincidentally, couldn’t hang out a few times in a row with the same person and now they definitely hate you
(I either hang out, or I don’t. People know I’m a busy man. They know I’m good for it down the road)

17. Accidentally saying “you too” when a server says, “Enjoy your meal.”
(Hah, I’ve done that several times, and I just shrug it off.. had it done to me several times, and most of the time I don’t think anything of it)

18. That you like sports, or don’t like sports. That you have a favorite team or don’t have a favorite team. That’s all on your own time.
(I’m a nerd… The only sports I care about are Quiddich and Magic: The Gathering tournaments)

19. How nerdy or not nerdy or cool and uncool you were in high school. It’s over, no one cares about high school anymore.
(Being that I just had my ten year high school reunion, you wouldn’t believe how many people still judge what happened in High School. Move on people)

20. That tiny pimple only you can see on your cheek, looking somehow HUGE to you in the mirror meaning maybe your mind is playing tricks on you or maybe you can’t actually tell what is noticeable and what isn’t
(Stopped caring about that in my early twenties)

21. The hole in your sweater under your armpit
(Easy scratching access… what that tells me, is that the person is struggling with finances, or they REALLY love that shirt. I have two shirts with holes in the armpits. I wear the shit out of them)

22. If all this worrying is manifesting outside your mind and somehow physically visible on you and to other people
(Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. When I finally broke out of my shell, I realized there is more to this)

23. When you close your door kind of conspicuously and now you’re worried people think maybe you’re doing it so you can look at porn or masturbate or do something freaky and weird
(I grew up in a private family, so whenever the doors were closed, it wasn’t anything to worry about… just spending some alone time)

In conclusion, I still have some of these thoughts. I always end up shrugging them off though, because in the end… who gives a crap? Human beings are the only species that will judge you, or simply not give a damn. I’m guilty of both, but I try to remain humanistic in my thoughts.

-The Secular Nerd



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