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The Secular Nerd needs you!

Posted on 30 November 2014 by The Secular Nerd

Why I need you:

That’s right, The Secular Nerd needs you because a series of unfortunate events have led our family into a pickle. We are closing on a house for my disabled father and mother (they are on fixed income) and we have helped them with all the extra fee’s needed (over $800) to get to this point. Due to an issue with putting the closing cost on the loan or a separate loan, they were forced to come up with $2,000 for the home. The home is only $23,000 and they got $1,000 up. It was left to me, but as a freelance contractor I can only do so much to help. Unfortunately a client has delayed a massive project for way past our deadline to close. Our deadline to close is the third. If we don’t come up with $1,000, we lose the house to another buyer.

My parents are in their 60’s and have been living in a camper for 3 years looking for a decent house that they could afford and call home. We now live with them too. In the camper.


Bottom Line:

I’m offering services, perks, incentives, etc. I’m even auctioning off a one of a kind cuff made by The Craft Mill┬áthat looks like this (Give them a like on Facebook too!) :

R'amen Cuff (Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster) Click to be taken to the auction post on Facebook!

R’amen Cuff (Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster) Click to be taken to the auction post on Facebook!


If the link on the picture doesn’t work, find this post at The Secular Nerd Facebook Page

The starting bid for this one of a kind cuff is $35.00. All you have to do is bid higher than anyone else in the Secular Nerd’s Facebook post and it’s yours (If you are the highest bidder come December 2nd at 8pm Central Time)!


The place for the perks? That’s on our GoFundMe campaign.


I can’t express how important it is for my family (including my wife and I) to have a house. We are eternally grateful to everyone who has contributed thus far, and we will be eternally grateful to those who contribute and procure my services. You can see my freelance contractor site, Praeon Technologies, to get an idea of what I have already been doing for clients.


Below, is a picture of the lovely camper we all share!





And below, is a picture of the house you can help us replace the camper with:



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