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Richard Seese Richard Seese AKA “The Secular Nerd

Richard was born into a family that believed their children were welcome to discover life on their own terms. Free of any religious pressure, Richard has explored the many options available, and came to one conclusion: “Religion is not for me”. Pursuing a life free of religion, Richard has embraced the geeky/nerdy lifestyle, got involved with some organizations, and even explored a few business ventures. Focused on Network Administration and programming, he has been 99% homegrown in regards to his experience and skill sets. The remaining 1% came in handy to achieve a degree in Network Administration at Akron Institute for Networking in Ohio.

Richard has lived in many places, but nothing prepared him for the bible belt. At the age of 26, he moved to Arkansas, where he was met with the cultural shock of a lifetime; living as a Network Administrating atheist in the bible belt. His job was threatened, employees harassed him, pressure loomed for him to go to church to save his career. Being done with that, Richard became a freelance contractor, joined a bunch of freethinking organizations, and started The Secular Nerd with the hopes of letting others know they aren’t alone.


Amanda Seese AKA “That Heathen Girl”10480688_667149383360332_6049688600266365133_n

Amanda has lived in the bible belt almost her entire life. Growing up, religion was no stranger to her. For a large part of her life,  she did the normal routines of church going, bible camps, and mission trips. Religion was very important to her as a child.

When her parents got a divorce at the age of 7, she was slowly exposed to the world around her. The change of her home life showed her a darker side to the world. She started to see it for what it truly was. Once she came of age, she explored other religions, learning about them and reading up on the cultures of the world.

After many years, she was finally able to explore the world with open eyes without fear of “going to hell”. She still remains very private about her beliefs to this day for fear of persecution.

After rekindling her relationship with her father, and spending time in the Atheist community, she has learned that not everyone who believes is bad, and not everyone who doesn’t believe is good. There are many good and bad people in this world, and beliefs have nothing to do with ones true morality.

She currently does freelance photography and graphic design. She also enjoys reading, writing, drawing, and gaming in her spare time.

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