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Kratom Made As Illegal as Heroin in Arkansas Under the Radar

Posted on 27 February 2016 by The Secular Nerd

Kratom Made Illegal

Kratom Made Illegal

If you try to order Kratom today from the many distributors, you’re gonna have a bad time. That’s because a bureaucratic decision (not a legislative decision) made by the Director of the Department of Health with the stroke of a pen made it as illegal as heroin in Arkansas.

Since my interview with KARK (Article Here), I have been blackballed from every single doctor in almost a 50 mile radius. What have I been using to treat my chronic back pain? Kratom. This atrocious decision originates from Dr. Thomas Atkinson. Want to know what reviews say about him?




Interesting that a doctor who found out his patients was using something all natural to treat their addiction and immediately took action with the Department of Health to have it declared just as illegal as heroin. And what was with this one day public comment period that I have yet to find any mention about as of this writing? I would have been there or made my voice heard in a heartbeat.

I’ve reached out to KARK and hoping to hear more from them. I will post updates and more details as I get them.

Right now, there is a good conversation on Reddit about this (Found Here) along with a link to the PDF that details this from the Arkansas Legislation Site (Or direct link here).

Stay tuned for more details that I find out about this.

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Natural Selection & Survival of the Fittest

Posted on 22 August 2014 by That Heathen Girl

             I just had a conversation with The Secular Nerd about this and thought I’d share my thoughts with you. These are just observations I made, and I am no scientist. Let us know what your thoughts are on this subject in the comments!



“Survival of the Fittest”


If you’ve heard this, you probably think of it in terms of who is physically strong to survive.

Well, let’s have a little example:

Say two people are preparing for a fight, standing a few feet or so apart. Bob is tall, built, very strong, very health. Frank is frail and skinny.

Now if you took those two and said, of course Bob would survive, look at him! He could crush a guys skull with his bare hands!

Now add in a weapon for Frank. Say some kind of gun. Who do you think would survive now?

The problem with “Survival of the fittest” is that it’s turned into “Whoever has the biggest gun and has the best shot survives”.

We don’t fully realize how much our viewpoints have to change in order to adapt to our species evolution. Natural selection can’t work the way it’s supposed to if the weak carry an AK-47.

Those weak genes will just get passed on instead of strong genes. Say Frank in this scenario has some kind of health issue. Nothing life threatening but something nature wouldn’t want passed on to affect their children. Say they we’re fighting for a mate, and Frank wins because hey, he’s got a fucking gun!

Bob would have had the genes necessary to create strong healthy children. However, since the population of Earth is now well over 7 Billion, and overpopulation is becoming an issue, natural selection doesn’t jump in anymore because nature is trying to curb the human population.

If you look at the way nature changes around us, you’ll notice how Humans are very very slow to evolve now. It’s because we’re at the top of the food chain. Other species change around us all the time, to adapt to predators. Humans have an unfair advantage since our brains are more evolved, so we make weapons. Those species in turn slowly change their way of staying alive as Humans fight amongst ourselves.


Let’s hope it never comes to that, though it would be kinda adorable.

Viruses are probably the only other species that have killed as many humans besides humans themselves. Think about that. The Black Plague hit China and Europe, taking out a hefty chunk of their populations. It could happen again.

Nature and humans have always battled each other out to dominate the food chain, and it’s only a matter of time before we either destroy ourselves, or nature does it for us.

I shall leave you with a good quote:

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”
― Charles Darwin

What do you guys think of Natural Selection?

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Nerdy Fun Fact of the Day #35 – Neanderthal Diet

Posted on 26 June 2014 by The Secular Nerd


 “Some brave souls from MIT and the University of La Laguna recently analyzed the makeup of the samples [of 50,000 year old feces] and found that Neanderthals ate a diet dominated by meat, but definitely ate some plants, as well. ” – [Source]

The Secular Nerd:

That’s a “shit” job. See what I did there?

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Barnes Claims ‘God’ Chooses to Bless Rape Victims with Pregnancy

Posted on 01 September 2012 by That Heathen Girl

    Barnes Claims ‘God’ Chooses to Bless Rape Victims with Pregnancy

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Rape and abortion are subject matters that most people avoid talking about. It’s one of those moral things that people are afraid of speaking out about for fear of persecution or a lecture.

First, let me paint you a picture. Imagine that you’re a woman, and you have just been violently attacked and raped. You go to the hospital to get examined, police are asking you questions, and you go home upset and feeling completely dirty and violated. Let’s say about a week later, after your work has been suffering because you can’t stop thinking about what happened, you find out you’re pregnant.

Now, regardless of your religion and background, would you really think that God had blessed you with a child?
Sharon Barnes, a high ranking republican, was quoted by the New York Times as saying:

“Abortion is never an option.”

“If God has chosen to bless this person [the rape victim] with a life, you don’t kill it.”

This was pretty much all she said on the matter. She may not have wanted to elaborate because she didn’t want to explain what the woman who had been raped is supposed to do for the next nine months. Sure she could give it up for adoption, but would you really want to carry around a baby you never wanted in the first place?

The human population wouldn’t suffer, Africa alone has a fertility rate of four to five births per woman every year.

So how would ‘God’ choose to let women who are raped get pregnant? Christianity is all about compassion isn’t it? Shouldn’t a good ‘God’ prevent something terrible like that from happening?

I bet Sharon Barnes would be whistling a different tune if she got raped.

– That Heathen Girl

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First Medical Marijuana State of the South?

Posted on 29 August 2012 by That Heathen Girl

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First Medical Marijuana State of the South?

   Living in Arkansas, we’ve all been subjected to southern society and their demands. It is impossible to avoid religion and conservatism. Statistically speaking, there are more ‘immoral’ people living in the bible belt than anywhere else. Some Christians can spend more time converting than helping people down here.
For a long time, the state of Arkansas has been the strictest as far as pot laws are concerned. However, this month the Arkansas’ Secretary of State office confirmed that the issue will be on the ballot this November.

I like so many others could really benefit from Medical Marijuana, instead of polluting our bodies with narcotic medications to kill the pain. At least marijuana isn’t addictive and doesn’t cause horrible withdrawals. For those of you that aren’t familiar with some of the things it can do, it can:
-relieve chronic and neuropathic pain
-increase appetite
-decrease nausea
-relax muscles

For someone that suffers with chronic pain, it could do so much for them. However, down here in the south it could prove to be difficult to convince conservatives of it’s benefits. Marijuana is already all over the south, being sold to people, which is in fact illegal. However, even if a Medical Marijuana Dispensary opened up in Arkansas, that wouldn’t mean that everyone would be smoking pot. It would just mean that the people that really need help could go to the doctor and get a prescription for it. It would be just any other prescription you could get, and people do sell them on the streets too but you don’t see them getting all bent out of shape about that.
The Family Council Committee, a group whose purpose is to instill traditional family values through politics, said they would be fighting the proposal. Jerry Cox, the President of the committee, issued a statement saying:

“Substance abuse creates very real problems for families,” Cox said. “If a husband or wife is addicted to something, it’s going to put a strain on that marriage. It’s going to put a strain on their kids. If you think we have problems with marijuana now, just wait until it becomes legally available.”

Wait, how can they be addicted to something that isn’t addictive?
He also went as far as to bring smoking into the statement:

“It’s the only medicine you smoke. The health community has spent almost fifty years trying to stop smoking. Now a group of people wants Arkansas doctors to start encouraging just that: Smoking for your health. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Now, just to clarify, Cigarette smoke is way more harmful than the smoke from marijuana. I do agree that the smoke itself can be harmful, but scientist have found that it is not the plant itself that is harmful. Depository’s always have plenty of other marijuana products for patients. All pain medications have side effects and harmful long term effects such as liver damage. Besides, there are always pot brownies.
My point is, I’ve been trying to inform as many people as possible so that when November gets here, people will vote for the legalization of medical marijuana. It would mean that the people of Arkansas could get the help they need. I know I will be voting for it when November 6th gets here.

– That Heathen Girl

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Praise the science and technology for a safe Isaac experience

Posted on 29 August 2012 by The Secular Nerd

Hurricane Isaac

I have always felt the need to mention to people that a lot of the things they have “praised the lord” about, is all really taking credit from where credit is due. For example, hurricane Isaac visiting the United States, was all spotted from outer space by man made equipment. The people that are safe now in the path of Isaac, is all due to our advancements in science and technology.

To go into greater detail, we have satellites in orbit around our planet. These satellites give us crystal clear pictures of weather activity all over the world. Several thousand people participated in the creation of these satellites. Going further in-depth, we have thousands more who contributed to the study of weather patterns, climate changes, influence into what fuels major weather events, and so much more. Through science we have learned that given the right conditions, hurricanes can form. What are these conditions you ask? Well, here they are:

Hurricanes begin as tropical storms over the warm moist waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans near the equator. (Near the Phillippines and the China Sea, hurricanes are called typhoons.) As the moisture evaporates it rises until enormous amounts of heated moist air are twisted high in the atmosphere. The winds begin to circle counterclockwise north of the equator or clockwise south of the equator. The reatively peaceful center of the hurricane is called the eye. Around this center winds move at speeds between 74 and 200 miles per hour. As long as the hurricane remains over waters of 79F or warmer, it continues to pull moisture from the surface and grow in size and force. When a hurricane crosses land or cooler waters, it loses its source of power, and its wind gradually slow until they are no longer of hurricane force–less than 74 miles per hour.

Hurricanes over the Atlantic often begin near Africa, drift west on the Trade Winds, and veer north as they meet the prevalling winds coming eastward across North America. Hurricanes over the Eastern Pacific begin in the warm waters off the Central American and Mexican coasts. Eastern and Central Pacific storms are called “hurricanes.” Storms to the west of the International Date Line are called “typhoons.”

Because of the destructive force of hurricanes during late summer and early autumn, scientists constantly monitor them with satellites and sometimes even fly airplane surveillance to keep track of tropical storms that might develop into hurricanes. []

That was about the most basic explanation I could find, short of posting a kids version of it. We know all of this through science and technology though. We should thank the thousands upon thousands of people who contributed their time, money, resources, and even their own lives so we could be safer. We should further be thankful to the thousands of men and women out there during, and after the hurricanes, rescuing those whom are stranded, trapped, or otherwise harmed. These men and women risk their lives to save other lives. That is humanity at its finest, working together for the betterment of all human kind.

While I’m on this topic, I’d like to share a few other examples of how we should thank science, technology, and more specifically the people physically there helping you every day:

  • Your doctor, and the hundreds of thousands of people before him/her, who contributed to the discovery of all our medical and technological advances to treat you every day.
  • Your IT guy, and the thousands upon thousands of people before him/her who contributed to the inventions of electricity, circuit boards, education, technology, and the science behind computers.
  • Your weather man, and the thousands upon thousands of people before him/her who contributed to meteorology, satellites, and radar to give you advanced warning about storms.

We have a lot to be thankful for, because if it wasn’t for these men, we would still be in the dark ages believing that a higher power will watch over us, and protect us.

– The Secular Nerd

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